Book your paint experience today! 

We love painting with both children and adults (sometimes even at the same time) and have a ton of creative ideas to engage your group. 

Whether it's a fun textured paint or adding something to make a mixed media project, we'll dazzle you with an event to brag about.

Visit us on facebook to see some paint parties in action. Then choose from our sample paintings below or request a custom theme for your event.

Don't forget to schedule your event! Call or email us today to confirm a date. Or use the form on the home page to contact us.

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Contact us for...

• Fundraisers

Ladies' Night Out

• Mother/Daughter or Father/Son events

• Company events

• Birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions

• Businesses, schools, churches & clubs

• or just because...

Choose from these paintings or request a custom project:

Selections to be added soon...


$50 non-refundable deposit per project

ADULT PAINT PROJECTS — 16x20 canvas standard

$13/participant for groups of 50 or more

$18/participant for groups of 10-49

CHILD PAINT PROJECTS — 12x12 or 11x17 canvas standard

$10/participant for groups of 15 or more
**mother/daughter parties or father/son parties will be considered a child paint project

— Ask for more pricing options for fundraising events.
— Additional cost for textured paint and mixed media projects.

Call or email us today to discuss your event. Or use the form on the home page to contact us.

803.738.2770  |


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