Asheland Studios, Inc. has provided graphic design services to businesses since 2000. We specialize in the art of communication: problem-solving through the use of type, space and image. Our designers use various methods to create and combine words, symbols, and images to produce a visual representation of ideas and messages. Our tools are a combination of typography, visual arts and page layout techniques used to produce a fantastic final result. At Asheland, composition is king!


Developing an organizational identity is not as easy as taking a pill. Logos and branding are a core component of any organization, but core values go deeper. Asheland helps organizations start at the beginning with the development of core value, mission and vision statements that shape the identity of the organization. It is from these underpinnings that the visual identity should flow.


Like trying to choose which button to push in an airplane cockpit, web design, optimization, social media and other options can be confusing. Choosing the right mix of internet tools can be vital to the survival of an organization. Asheland can help. Whether its a whole new site design or just optimizing your current site for search engines to find, Asheland can bring more traffic to you. Through careful attention to detail (and a few well placed search ads) your site will shoot to the top of the list of results for your targeted key words. Facebook designs are also available.


Good advertising (whether print, posters, billboards, or signs) is used to encourage or persuade your audience (viewers, readers or listeners; even sometimes a very specific group) to take or continue to take some action. Great advertising makes them think it was their idea in the first place. Asheland starts by exploring the needs of your audience, and then designs advertising around that need. Being clever never hurts either.


How do you cut through the clutter of print materials out there. Catalogs, magazines, brochures, forms, and books abound in our stores, on our streets and in our lobbies. The ability to stand out is a true challenge in this environment. While some distinguish themselves with glossy paper, tricky folds, and larger and larger sizes in a never-ending battle, Asheland believes that the piece is only as good as the distribution. Research into the target market, focused on finding the right audience and the right avenue of distribution is the key to cutting through the clutter.


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